Ceramic Arts & Perception — Ceramics Technical
Ceramic Arts & Perception — Ceramics Technical
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Ceramics Technical — Issue 25

  • The Ceramic Decal Anna Calluori Holcombe & Glen Brown discuss the decoration process of ceramic decals
  • Keraflex Porcelain: An Introduction Rachel Kingston & Margaret Carlin have been researching the potential of Keraflex porcelain tape
  • City & Countryside, History & the Potter’s Art David Palmer has made a study of the history of pottery
  • Oxide Stains Cathy Keys reports on her research aimed at extending a palette of ceramic oxide colour finishes
  • Goddesses of Clay,Wood, Fire & Salt Felicity Martin was rewarded byher experiences at an international residency and symposium
  • This Sturdy Band David Whiting finds cause for celebration on the 50thanniversary of the CPA 1958 – 2008
  • Pixilated Pictures Barbara Rizza Mellin explains the techniques of MegumiNaitoho’s ceramic mosaics
  • Terracotta Ear Spools of Ancient Mexico Glen R Brown hasresearched thoroughly Pre-Columbian ear ornaments
  • Alice at the Allport Fiona Tabart extends her
    experience into the world of ceramic decal printing
  • The Bickley Ceramics ProjectMark Bogdanovic writes on the design & use of a medieval kiln
  • Seeing Red Paul Lewing has some tips for Cadmium colours in china paint
  • The Way a City Expresses Itself Zhu Jinhua finds an urban outlook inthe woek of Huang Huanyi
  • The XX Century Ceramic Via Crucis Melanie Zefferino reportson the decoration and reconstrution of St Anthony Chapel
  • Seeds of Discontent Laura McEwan discusses the ephemeral in thework of Virginia Jones
  • Visiting Chao-zho Jiang Yan-ze travels to this tableware producing area in China
  • Expressive Forms Fathia Tarif discovers new concepts, trends and ideasexpressed in contemporary ceramic art
  • Kuntas of the Shrine Kari explains a triple challenge to her ceramics
  • Murray Garner: An Inspirational NZ Potter Gail Drake writes on the determination of Murray Garner
  • A Happy Potter in Shigaraki Michael Wein participated in a residency in Shgaraki, Japan
  • Process of a Mug: Flexible Ceramics Bas Kools finds an unusual method for moulding clay
  • Clay Edge Gulgong 2007 Julia Jones writes on her experience of this triennial event
  • Around & Around – Slowly but Surely Reflections by Milton Moon
  • Blue Columns Leena Mannila reports on a commissioned installation by Poul Jensen in Oslo,Norway
  • Cuban Ceramics Biennial Lowell Baker reviews an exhibitionof 28 Cuban artists
  • Ornamentation & Detail Tazra Miller finds a reference to art history in the work of Joni Moriyama
  • About a Thousand Chickens aka More Meets the EyeErin Jackson gives some reasons behind her installation works
Ceramics Art & Perception — Cermaics Technical
Ceramic Arts & Perception — Ceramics Technical
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